Hey Will, do you wear a medium?

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Growing up in Urbana I became a lifelong Illini fan. And as much as I say to my family: this is it, no more (regarding Illini football and the Groce years) I keep coming back. The pain and VERY occasional joy that comes from being an Illini fan is not rooted in logic. In some ways my fandom is like yours, a direct link to my youth and the endless possibility that THIS could be the year.

And 2020-2021 in basketball certainly feels that way.

Enjoy it while you can.

“It will be fleeting. If the past is any judge of what is to come...”

I now live in Cali.

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What a great read this was. Sports connect us and bring us back “home” in so many ways. Someday post-pandemic, it’s going to be my honor and joy to buy you a drink somewhere here in Athens.

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