I say this as the biggest fan of your sports writing and fiction writing - your parenting writing is my absolute fave.


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Absolutely agreed. Empathetic is exactly the right word.

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Wow, thank you, thank both of you!

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By the way-great speech! I'm so glad you included it!

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Oh my gosh! My father used to say the same exact thing the same exact way!

LOL happy memories now!

What struck me deep down that I realized later was Dad was impressing upon my psyche that

"there are limits to self absorption." Cross those limits and the world will slap you back.

Children need to learn those limits.

The kids will be allright.....

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We are all destined to become our father/mother...

"Are We Winning?" was a great read!!

Another great newsletter, Will. Thanks for writing them.

The 20's Belong to the Illini!!

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