Thanks for putting all of that to words. Whether you ever talk with them about it or not, your boys are lucky to have someone who not only gets this feeling but can express it well. When I confess to self-awareness like this at school, kids exhale with audible relief that it’s not just them.

But it’s not just kids. Today, like so many previous newsletters of yours, I exhale too. It’s comforting to know that the people I look up to think this way too. Wish none of us did but, absent that, it’s nice to know others get it.

Thanks Will.

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I was at a concert a long time ago with a bunch of friends who were dressed shall we say punkish/new wave and were getting a lot of stares from the juco crowd. I mentioned this to my buddy and he said so what, we're having more fun and we were. I try to remember that every day.

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I saw Stop Making Sense on the big screen (IMAX) for the first time this week too. I wanted to get up and dance in the aisle, but I was too self-conscious. It was weird that we were all sitting during this glorious experience. I was emotionally moved during This Must Be the Place and Once in a Lifetime songs. I’d be happy to join you to see it on your 50th if you rent out a theater.

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Another wonderful look at life, Will. Thanks for putting into words what so many of us feel.

I too will be going to see "Stop Making Sense", but I'm old enough to have seen it on the big screen when it first came out. On Michigan Ave. in Chicago, no less. Going to get my big suit cleaned and pressed before the big night!

Keep up the great work and Go Illini!!

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That picture is no way a picture of your mother. It has to be your younger sister.

Gee whiz..

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As i watched , i wished that term had been used in place of " how'd you ever live this long?" That was cringeworthy.

Thank you for the relatable read.

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I found out about the screening this past week too late to see it (didn't want to crank my neck unreasonably high), but look forward to finding it on IMAX when it releases for real.

I should have commented about this earlier, but based on our relative overlap in bands (e.g., Wilco is my favorite band) I feel fairly certain that you will love The Beths.


That's the title track from their latest album (a deluxe version just came out yesterday). All rippers, no skippers, that band. Toured a bit with The National this summer, on the Death Cab/Postal Service tour this fall. Love them so so much.

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