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I'm manifesting a return of Astrologer Will, tbh

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I followed Johan's advice that week and wound up living in a van down by the river! Great things can happen if you just let them!

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I am compelled to comment on this one because I legitimately stumbled “across a writer [I’d] never heard of, [fell] in love with their work and then follow[ed] them down whatever rabbit hole they went down.” It was 2000-ish. I’d moved to NYC from GA for an internet job and stumbled on the Black Table. Been a fan of your writing ever since, even though the only thing I like about sports is doing the wave in crowded stadiums. Thanks for writing all the things, even ones editors assign just because they’re trending.

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However I learned it, I still love finding a writer or video essayist and following them anywhere they go. I learn more; I reflect because it isn’t what I was thinking about. Your newsletter is my sermon each week. Doesn’t matter the topic; I leave it thinking and reflecting, better for the experience. I pre-schedule my own for Sunday on Thursday or Friday so I can’t be influenced by yours...until the next week.

In a commercial space, the rules are different; that’s not my realm. But I’m glad THIS is here with a (free!) piece like this that began with my favorite musician and ended with real estate horoscopes by my favorite writer. That’s a bizarre but warm start to the day.

Happy Saturday!

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Oct 21, 2023·edited Oct 22, 2023

Great read this week. Hadn’t read the Swift/Kelce story— well done, especially the Aaron Rodgers dunks. It’s so easy…

You hit on something in the newsletter about being inherently suspicious of anything popular or successful and not wanting to partake in it; as if it is beneath someone “respectable”.

This is such a GenX thing, especially for those of us who came up idolizing punk/indie rock and generally saw John Cusack’s characters in movies as their North Star. I think as we’ve aged, our outlook has become more open minded and less self-indulgent. But man, it’s taken a lot to get there.

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Thanks for pointing out that horoscopes and astrology are funny and fake! I have found it disturbing that many of my otherwise smart and interesting friends drop random astrological sign lingo into conversations (“he’s such a Virgo”) as if it’s...something I should ever take a real interest in?

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Two things:

1. If Deadpan isn't a site, it should be.

2. I'm a Gemini, and that horoscope entry is actually pretty good!

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So here I sit, in Pekin, IL, with a pile of WSJs I have fallen behind on. I don’t throw them out until I’ve read them, and I’m furiously reading so I can clear this table. I’m supposed to be skimming for Very Important Stuff but I get caught up on a story that I shouldn’t care about, since I’m not a sports fan. By a weird chance, I realize I’m reading a story from my area, which never happens in the national news, except sometimes when it’s about Cat. And then, by ANOTHER weird chance, it turns out you wrote it! Huh!

(This is why I can’t ever catch up on my reading.)

I’m very familiar with the Lady Potters, since I was editor of the daily paper here until those idiots at GateHouse destroyed it.

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this made me laugh out loud, will. thank you.

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I used to take the bus up to Fort Tryon park in Inwood in the early aughts to wander when I also was poor and questioning my move to NYC. One time, I took the bus back down, reading a Sidney Lumet book, and decided to walk across Central Park. As I left the park and wandered down 5th Avenue, I recognized an older Tony Roberts walking past me who had been mentioned in the Lumet book. Serendipity, I guess. (He was also freshly in my mind after rewatching Annie Hall the weekend prior). Too bad you didn’t get asked to do horoscopes for a film website...maybe a new G&L segment for #ScorpioSeason? ;)

P.S. Typing this comment with my mind continuing the lyrics... “Next day's function, high class luncheon....”

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Thanks Will! I need to dust off that letter to you I've been working on.....

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oh Will, I realize now it's not the same one but I read an email from a sports site called Deadspin by G/O Media everyday.

I pray my comments have not upset you.

Ever since I found you in New York magazine over a decade ago I try to read everything you write. I even bought your book. I'm an old half blind luddite (sic?) who can barely navigate my phone.

Is there a way to find copies of Deadspin from the time you worked on it? An archive somewhere? I've read every issue of this newsletter from the beginning. Enjoyed every one! I need more Leitch output! Looking forward to your next book. Again, I apologize for my obtuse writing and that this is so long.

I'm keeping you from your work and that is a literary crime. I will stop commenting now. My sincere apologies!

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