"Where you gonna go in your winter coat? I wonder what you're hiding cause it's not too cold."
"Just smile all the time."
"Someone ties a bow in my backyard to show me love."
"I kill my memories with a cheap disease."
"One moment I beg, I bolt, on a thousand legs."
"More than we have, more than there is."
"I'm gonna walk away slowly, instead I bid you good night."
"Will you weather, join the cold, come before I die, more aware of it than me?"
"I've come all this way to hold your hand. I became a calendar while I was waiting."
"They were translated poorly, I felt like a clown, I looked like someone I used to know."
"Orchestrate the shallow pink refrigerator drone, carried in the shadows."
"I guess all this history is just a mystery to me."