"You've gotta get back out there and pitch, no matter what happened yesterday."
"Taken from us too early, he sure made the most of the time he had."
"These sort of mid-career switches are nearly impossible to pull off."
"He sees everything out on that field from back there."
"I tell ya, they just don't play the game they way we used to anymore."
"To go out there and play every day, whatever position you need him, provides a real value to this team."
"Having an old guy like him around can serve as quite an example for the young players."
"That's a winner ... a World SERIES winner."
"The entire organization is in shock."
"He's clearly in a better place here, after the stress of what came before."
Win the right to assign me a newsletter topic, five signed books and a guest appearance on "The Long Game With LZ and Leitch" podcast.
"Sixteen years of remarkable consistency, an approach that hasn't changed once over the decades."